E.S.O.L. - Mrs Michelle Ramsdale
Library - Mrs Sharon Wilson
Music - Mrs Maria Winder (see Music page)
Reading Recovery - Mrs Linda Sperring
Technology - Mrs Karyn Thompson (see Technology page)

The main purpose of the ESOL programme at Ellerslie School is to help develop English for interpersonal interaction and to help support access to the curriculum. In small groups the identified students work with the teacher and have fun experimenting and exploring language. 


While we are waiting for our new buildings, we currently face the challenge of having most of our Library books stored in a container. Classes still have access to books in class sets but individual borrowing is limited.


At Ellerslie School we try to offer Reading Recovery to every pupil who needs it. With the help of teachers and Classroom Manager, struggling 6 year olds are identified. They undergo a series of tests called the SIX YEAR NET or OBSERVATION SURVEY. This gives us information about the pupil’s reading ability, letter knowledge, writing and spelling ability.   
All the scores are then transferred to a tentative selection list, and the neediest children are selected. We can accommodate eight pupils on the programme. Children remain on the programme between 15 and 25 weeks depending on the progress made. Each pupil receives 30 minutes of individual instruction per day. Pupils are monitored after being discontinued to see if they are reading below, at or above their reading age.