Team 1

Where school begins at 5 and where learning is made fun and purposeful.

We are charged with settling new 5 - 6 year olds into the routines of school.  We develop letter and number knowledge as well as other basic concepts and skills to give them the best start to their school experience.
We are comprised of two pods:
Miro Pod(nest pod)

Mrs Fiona Yamamoto (GG 25)

Miss Shelley Reeves-Smith/Miss Kim Profitt (GG26)


Rimu Pod

Mrs Catherine Fifita (GG 28)

Miss Penny de Serville (GG 29)

Mrs Kerry McLeod (GG30)


We are an energetic bunch of confident, curious learners.  We are always having fun learning about the world around us and would love to share what we have been doing with you...

Our Blogs

Please visit our Seesaw blogs to see what wonderful learning has been happening in Team 1.