Team 6

Welcome to Team 6! We've only got three weeks to go!

Our team is made up of four composite Guardian Groups consisting of both of Year 7 and 8 students.

The teachers in our team this year are:
- Mr Peter Leong (GG 9)
- Mr Roma Leiataua (GG 10)
- Mrs Amanda Croft (Team Leader) (GG 11)
- Miss Katie Dwyer (GG 12)                                              
Mr Nick Butler is our Senior School DP

Music lessons (Tuesday morning for GG9 & GG10 or Wednesday morning for GG12 & the Extension Group with GG11 being spread across the four groups)
Technology lessons (Thursday afternoon for GG11, or Friday for GG12, GG9 and GG10).

Our timetable for this term remains mostly the same:
Reading - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and either Thursday or Friday
Written Language - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Maths - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Inquiry - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday
Languages - Tuesday
Visual Art - Thursday or Friday
P.E. & Sport - Monday and Thursday with fitness on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Technology - Thursday or Friday
Music - Tuesday or Wednesday.
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Here is the link to our Kauri Pod website to make it easier to access some of our learning resources:


Market Day - Letter re. Start-Up costs

Congratulations to both the Year 7 Girls' and Year 8 Girls' Football teams for being placed 3rd in their tournaments last week.
Good luck to the boys' teams who will be competing this week.

Zone Day dates:
Year 7 Boys - Week 5, Tuesday 30th May at Crossfield Park, Glendowie
Year 8  Boys - Week 5, Thursday 1st June at Crossfield Park, Glendowie