Green Day - Save our seas

Green Day - Save our seas

Green Day - Save our seas

Did you know that every year around 275 million tons of plastic waste is produced globally and 8 million tons of that is dumped into ocean? An estimated 1.5 million marine animals are killed just by plastic pollution alone. As consumers, we can help to change these statistics for the better and protect our oceans for future generations to enjoy.

Ellerslie School is holding its inaugural Green Day on Wednesday the 6th of March. This term, the focus is on our oceans and the impact of plastics and pollution. This coincides with NZ Seaweek - an annual national event hosted by the NZ Association for Environmental Education. This years Seaweek theme is “Tiakina o Tātou Mōana – Care for our Seas”.  Our day at Ellerslie will include spot prizes for the best sea themed costumes so get creative! Classes will be involved in a variety of learning experiences and there will be fun lunchtime activities.

In an effort to reduce the amount of plastic waste we are producing in our school community we will also be launching a Litter Free Lunch initiative for the Year 1 and 2 teams during this week. This will carry on throughout the year and hopefully make its way into the rest of the school. Children are encouraged to bring lunches that are free from plastic packaging and single use plastics. Each child will have a special card that can be clipped each time they have a litter free lunch. When their card is full they will earn house points and go in the draw to win a prize for their family.

More information about NZ Seaweek including some great events you could attend can be found here: www.seaweek.org.nz. These sites have information about ocean conservation and reducing waste: www.osof.org and http://www.recycle.co.nz/livin... 


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