Zone Information

The Board of Trustees has an enrolment scheme in place based on a Home Zone, which states that all children who live within the School Zone will be accepted. Out of Zone Applications are subject to ‘Enrolment Periods’ being determined by the Board of Trustees if there are spare places.  Generally there will only be one ‘Enrolment Period’ which is when applications are called for the next year. 

The school zone is currently set out on the Ministry of Education's website. If in doubt, you can contact the Ministry of Education for clarification on 09 632 9400.

Enrolment Information

All in-zone applicants are guaranteed places at Ellerslie School.   Applications for a place must be made before enrolment can be offered.  All enrolments must be accompanied by a Birth Certificate or Passport as proof of age and residency, along with two proofs of address.  A current power bill and copy of a Residential Tenancy Agreement or rates bill is required.

Applications for enrolment can be made before your child’s 5th birthday but children start school on the Monday after they turn 5.  We encourage you to enrol your child up to one year before they turn 5.

Parent Information

You'll find all the information you need in our Information Packs linked below: 

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