NZ Curriculum

Students at Ellerslie School will strive to be confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners. Our students will be literate, numerate, critical and creative thinkers.

They will aspire to be positive in their own identity, able to relate to others, willing and able to contribute to the well-being of New Zealand. We believe that through their learning experiences  our students will develop their own values and respect the values of others. 

The New Zealand Curriculum is the basic document for all New Zealand Schools to plan their learning and teaching programmes from.  Allowance is made within each class for children to work above or below their age and the curriculum level.  This means that many programmes in the classroom have a range of grouping and levels of work happening at the same time.  The New Zealand Curriculum has eight learning areas and these are:


In English, students study, use, and enjoy language and literature communicated orally, visually, or in writing.

The Arts

In the arts, students explore, refine, and communicate ideas as they connect thinking, imagination, senses, and feelings to create works and respond to the works of others.

Health & Physical Education

In health and physical education, students learn about their own well-being, and that of others and society, in health-related and movement contexts.


In learning languages, students learn to communicate in an additional language, develop their capacity to learn further languages, and explore different world views in relation to their own.

Mathematics & Statistics

In mathematics and statistics, students explore relationships in quantities, space, and data and learn to express these relationships in ways that help them to make sense of the world around them.


In science, students explore how both the natural physical world and science itself work so that they can participate as critical, informed, and responsible citizens in a society in which science plays a significant role.

Social Sciences

In the social sciences, students explore how societies work and how they themselves can participate and take action as critical, informed, and responsible citizens.


In STEAM, students learn to be innovative developers of products and systems and discerning consumers who will make a difference in the world.

We are committed to making a difference and being the best we can be.

School Organisation

At Ellerslie School we are structured into 5 teams:

  • Team 1:  Years 0 / 1  situated in Miro and Rimu Pods
  • Team 2:  Year 2  situated in Rata Pod
  • Team 3:  Years 3 / 4 situated in Matai Pod
  • Team 4:  Years 5 / 6  situated in Pohutukawa Pod
  • Team 5:  Years 7 / 8  situated in Kauri Pod

Children begin school on the first Monday following their 5th birthday and are classified as Year 0.   Children who begin school before April will be classified as Year 2 the following year.  Children who begin after April will be classified as Year 1 the following year.  Children who are born during April are reviewed at the end of the year and are either placed in Year 1 or Year 2, depending on what is considered best for the child.

Term Dates

Term One 2021

February 4th - April 16th, 2021 
Holidays - Waitangi Day - 8th February, Good Friday - 2nd April, Easter Monday - 5th April, Easter Tuesday - 6th April

Term Two 2021

May 3rd - July 9th, 2021 
Staff Only Day - 4th June / Holiday - Queen’s Birthday - 7th June

Term Three 2021

July 26th - October 1st, 2021

Term Four 2021

October 18th - December 17th, 2021
Holiday - Labour Day 25th October

Term One 2022

February 3rd - April 14th, 2021 

Holidays - Waitangi Day - 7th February, Good Friday - 16th April

Term Three 2022

July 25th - September 30th

Term Two 2022

May 2nd - July 8th, 2022 

Holidays - Queen's Birthday - 6th June, Matariki - 24th June

Term Four 2022

October 17th - December 16th

Holiday - Labour Day - 24th October


Each guardian group from Teams 1 - 5 will receive a 60 minute specialised music lesson every fortnight in the music suite with Dylan Symonds, our music specialist teacher.  The classroom programme offers hands on musical experiences, grounded in the NZ Music Curriculum, integrating a Kodaly teaching approach with singing, music games, movement, playing classroom instruments and plenty of fun and creativity. 

Through this programme other groups such as Junior Choir, APPA Choir, Marimba Group, a Rock Band and a Ukulele Group are also on offer for children to participate in.

Physical Education (PE)

Ellerslie school runs a varied and engaging Physical Education Programme for our students where a skills based programme is delivered.  Alongside this run extra-curricular opportunities for children to engage in sport and sporting events.  Some of the highlights of our programme are:

  • Whole school Cross Country
  • Junior and Senior School Athletics day
  • Netball teams 
  • A range of sports teams for Zone tournaments (senior school students)
  • Kelly Sports Programmes (run within school) 
  • Senior School Swimming Sports

Technology (STEAM)

Ellerslie School runs a STEAM Programme for Years 2-8 with a specialist STEAM teacher.  During STEAM, students learn about Electronics, Hard Materials, Soft Materials and Food Technology. Teams 2-3 go to STEAM twice a year - each time for a 5 week block.  Team 4 attend STEAM for 3, five week blocks during the year and Team 5 attend STEAM  every week.  Team 1 will do Technology within their pods and with their guardian teachers.  Lessons are held in our purpose built Technology Suite/Innovation Pod with John Macnaughtan, our technology specialist teacher, and Melissa Jacobs, our Teacher Aide.

Pods & Classes

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